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Friday, April 6, 2012


Trinity, Florida

This was my favorite sushi place for a long time, fabulous rolls, including my very favorite "Stormin' Norman", with mango and kiwi and eel and avocado and I can't even remember what was sensational...until one night when I went with a friend. She ordered a couple of pieces of shrimp (not one of my faves, i usually go for sweet shrimp, raw, with tempura fried heads YUM). She took one bite and raced off to the bathroom to spit it out. When she returned to the table she said "Oh, I don't like the shrimp, it's got too much ginger or something." I said "Shrimp sushi doesn't have ginger, maybe it has a dot of wasabi but no ginger." She said to me, "taste it". As I brought it up to my mouth I was overwhelmed by the smell of disinfectant. The waitress came running over when she saw me sniffing the shrimp. I told her it smelled like bleach. She just grabbed the one piece that was left and said she'd take it off the bill.
Then I remembered reading articles about sushi restaurants trying to cover the smell of not-so-fresh fish going bad by dipping it in bleach or disinfectant. I was horrified when I read that article online, and was horrified that my favorite sushi place was apparently doing just that.
I have not been able to bring myself to go back...they've expanded and redecorated, so they must be doing well. But with other great sushi places out there, there isn't a need to go back. I can live without the Stormin' Norman. I just can't live with a mouthful of bleach. Ichiban on Urbanspoon

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