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Friday, April 6, 2012

Honeymoon in St. Pete, July 18, 2008

hello fellow foodies!

back from our honeymoon in st pete, here's the food review:

first, after our ceremony (just the 2 of us at the beautiful Inn at the Bay), after our incredible bottle of Cristal and the chocolate and cherry cake (yum), we had dinner next door at Chateau France. Our second time there, and this restaurant continues to amaze me.

We started with appetizers, he had the Shrimp Marseille (luscious huge shrimp in a "gentle spicy rose sauce D'Anjou", it was delish. I had the Pate de Fois Gras. After reading about how it's made (force feeding the poor geese) I felt badly and probably will avoid it on general principle) but omg it was an orgasmic experience in my pretty heart-shaped mouth (tee hee). Really, truly. Wow. I'd never had it before. It was incredible.
We both had the Filet Mignon entree with Black Truffle sauce. Okay I'm serious, we didn't even get steak knives. The butter knives slid right through the filets. (my mouth is watering just remembering...). By far the best steak of my long steak-eating life. Accompanied by a lovely sweet spaghetti squash, totally wonderful potatoes au gratin, and an okay puff pastry with steamed fresh veggies.

Dessert was the Grand Marnier Souffle. Oh. Oh. Oh, yes. :)
We also had champagne with dinner (Mumm's) and a nice B&B (Benedictine and Brandy) after the espresso.
Then we waddled back next door to our suite! Chateau France on Urbanspoon

The next day after a lovely breakfast at the Inn, after spending the day shopping and sight seeing, we decided to do tapas at Ceviche. We arrived before they opened, so we started at Pincho y Pincho, which is a little version of Ceviche which is open for lunch with a "limited menu" just a few doors down.

 We had the Cava Sangria (mmmmm) We had never had tapas before; we started with Banderillas Mixtas (beef, chicken, chorizo and grilled veggies, wonderful), Piquillos Rellenos (roasted red peppers stuffed with ground veal and chorizo in a sherry sauce, yum yum yum) and Huevos Rellenos (devilled eggs, just ok). Once Ceviche opened, we reconvened next door; bigger, busier, but missing that little hole-in-the-wall insider kind of ohhh i found a cool place kind of vibe. And to tell you the truth, both of us can't remember what we had at Ceviche. Guess the Cava Sangria really kicked in by that point.

Sunday we tried our best to have lunch ... first we went to ABC Chinese...still closed, we were too early. Then we tried Umberto's of Long Island in Dunedin, same thing. :( We tried to call Red Fish Blue Fish in Palm Harbor to see if they were open (I was craving lobster) but no answer, still too early...we ended up at Kelly's in Dunedin. MY HUSBAND (i love saying that) had a burger, and i had the seafood chowder and a grilled brie sandwich. And lots of Mimosas.

I drank more champagne that weekend than I ever did in my life! Giggled all the way through. :)
All in all, a wonderful weekend.
I gained 8 pounds!!!!!

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